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Becoming an Antiracist Organization is a comprehensive package to help organizational teams get the information, inspiration, and practical guidance they need to build a better workplace.

The four-month training series comprises several sections.

1. Design Antiracist Organizational Practices

A four-part section for leadership teams

  • Becoming an Antiracist Leadership Team 
  • Visibilizing Dominant Culture in Your Organizational Practices
  • Giving & Receiving Authentic Feedback
  • Designing Organizational Strategies for Equity

2. Build a Culture of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

A race-based affinity group section to support staff to understand the role racial identities play in their organizational experiences, and prepare for integrated work for all staff.

  • Journeys of Race and Culture
  • White Allyship
  • Unapologetically Black
  • Non-Black People of Color

3. Reimagine Supervision to Integrate Equity & Effectiveness

Four distinct trainings on culturally responsive supervision and team development techniques for managers.

  • The Fundamentals of Equitable Employee Development
  • Culturally Responsive Supervision Techniques
  • Identifying, Supporting, and Working with Trauma
  • Promoting Staff Wellness & Resiliency

4. Build Power Through Meeting Facilitation

Four distinct trainings on inclusive virtual facilitation for all staff.

  • Facilitation as a Practice for Equity, Inclusion, and Power-Sharing
  • Holding and Sharing Space in Meeting Facilitation
  • Increase Access Through Graphic Facilitation
  • Strategies for Remote Virtual Collaboration

5. Activate Yourself

To deepen one’s own awareness of leadership styles, approaches to decision-making, conflict resolution skills, and navigating feedback for non-management staff.

  • Activate Voice: Leaning Into Conflict
  • Activate Awareness: Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Activate Influence: Confronting Imposter Syndrome
  • Activate Leadership: Approaches to Decision-Making

6. Cultivate Resiliency and Avoid Burnout

Biweekly, 45-minute wellness and community-building sessions, for all staff, through:

  • Art
  • Movement 
  • Reflection    
  • Sound    
  • Grounding
  • Meditation

For more info, watch the recording of our info session.


Fall 2020 (August 5 through November 20)

Workshops will typically be held Tuesdays through Fridays, at 9:30–11:30 AM or 1:30-3:30 PM Pacific Time. 

See the full calendar on the Home page.


All sessions will be hosted LIVE on Zoom. 

If you have never used Zoom before, go to the link to download the software. We recommend you do a test run to ensure that your system preferences are set to permit access to Zoom, so you won’t run into any technical trouble on your first training.

Session recordings will be available on our website (with slight edits made to remove sensitive/personal information) four weeks from the date of the training, and available for up to one year.


Anyone around the world is welcome to participate!

The series will be facilitated by BTCC staff and associates. Learn more on our Trainers page.

Founded in 2010, Be the Change Consulting provides high quality learning experiences and consulting for organizations to reach their creative potential. ​We do this through an intentional process that connects core values to organizational outcomes while providing research-based strategies, experiential learning techniques, and live coaching on real issues. We are a woman-of-color-owned for-profit organization located in Oakland, California. We specialize in equity and inclusion, youth development, and capacity building. Learn more at bethechangeconsulting.com.



To register, an organizational leader must first register on behalf of their organization, and then email instructions to staff. Then staff will log-in to select their trainings and access Zoom links.

Step 1: An organizational leader registers for their organization.

  1. Visit the Register page.
  2. Select the organizational package you want.
    1.  If you select the “4-by-4” organizational package:
      1. Select four Skill-building trainings you want your team members to attend.  
      2. Next, click on “Resiliency Sessions (Select any 4)” and elect four Skill-building trainings for your organization. (*Additional sessions will be added later.)
    2. Fill out the rest of the registration form with a coupon code (if you have one), name, contact info, payment method (via Paypal or invoice), and email preferences.
  3. Click “Submit form.”

Step 2: View Welcome Letters

  1. Check your email for an email from info@bethechangeconsulting.com with the subject line, “Registration - Becoming an Antiracist Organization Capacity-building Series.”
  2. Click on the first link, which follows “You can log in by clicking the link below.”
  3. It will direct you to the “Welcome to Becoming an Antiracist Organization” welcome letter. Follow the instructions there (duplicated below as Step 3 for your convenience). 

Step 3: Email your staff.

Staff members will need to register in order to participate, access the training materials, and get the Zoom links.

  1. Collect your organization’s special login URL from your email. 
    1. Find the email from info@bethechangeconsulting.com with the subject line, “Registration - Becoming an Antiracist Organization Capacity-building Series.”
    2. Notice the second URL. It follows, “you can share the following link to invite your staff to register:” 
    3. Copy and paste that URL to replace “[ENTER URL]” in the draft email (sample text below).
  2. Draft an email to your staff. Copy and paste the following instructions into the body of the email:
    1. Visit [ENTER URL] to access the “Registration Form—Employee.”
    2. Complete the Registration Form.
      1. Find the trainings you would like to attend.
        1. Note: Some trainings are designated for different organizational roles (supervisors, staff, etc.) or racial groups (mixed, Black, etc.); register for the ones that are appropriate for you.
      2. Select the date of the training. For your convenience, most trainings are offered on two different dates. Register for the date that works best for your schedule.
      3. Complete the rest of the form with your name, contact info, racial identity (this will be used to sort you into the appropriate race-based affinity group), organizational role,  and email preferences.
      4. Click “Submit form.”
    3. Look for an email with a URL and access code. Click on the URL and then click on “My Trainings” to find the Zoom links, materials, and add-to-calendar feature.
  3. Contextualize the instructions appropriate to your organization. See sample texts in the Welcome Letter found in Step 2 for inspiration.
  4. Send the email.


Sign up for any of the skill-building trainings or resiliency sessions.

Register on the Register for Individuals page. 

When you’ve completed your registration, log-in to access the My Trainings section, where you can find materials, Zoom links, and add-to-calendar feature.


Contact Sangita Kumar at sangita@bethechangeconsulting.com.