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Welcome to Becoming an Antiracist Organization

A Virtual Capacity Building Platform featuring over 50 learning experiences to support racial justice culture change.

FALL 2020 | Zoom

Each session offers:

  • Experiential Activities
  • Hands-on Strategies
  • Research-based Theory
  • Trauma-informed Practices
  • Relational, Healing Centered Approach


What does it take to truly de-center white dominant culture in our organizations and build an inclusive culture, paired with practices that lead to equitable outcomes?  Based on over ten years of organizational consulting work, Be the Change Consulting has produced a comprehensive package to help organizational teams get the information, inspiration, and practical guidance they need to build a better workplace.

In this four month training series participants can choose trainings in the following areas:

  • Transform Organizational Practices - A Four Part Series for Leadership Teams
  • Build a Culture of Justice Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - A race-based affinity group series to support staff to understand the role racial identities play in their organizational experiences, and prepare for integrated work for All Staff.
  • Invest in Your Team - Four distinct trainings on culturally responsive supervision and team development techniques for managers.
  • Build Power Through Meeting Facilitation - Four distinct trainings on inclusive virtual facilitation for All Staff.
  • Grow Yourself - To deepen ones own awareness of leadership styles, approaches to decision- making, conflict resolution skills and navigating feedback for Non-Management Staff.
  • Cultivate Resiliency and Avoid Burnout - a bi-weekly 45-minute wellness session for All Staff.

"We slept in one world and woke up to another. Suddenly Disney has no more magic, Paris is no longer romantic, and in New York everyone sleeps and the Chinese wall isn't a fortress anymore. 

Suddenly hands shake is now shaking hands,
Suddenly hugs and kisses become weapons and not visiting parents and grandparents become an act of love.

Suddenly we realised that power is not that valuable and money is not that powerful.”