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Welcome to Becoming an Antiracist Organization

Invite Your Participating Organizational Team Members to Register

Email your participating organizational team members. They will need to register in order to participate, access the training materials, and get the Zoom links.

You can copy and paste the following instructions:

  1. Visit to access the “Registration Form—Employee.”
  2. Complete the Registration Form.
    1. Find the trainings you would like to attend.
      1. Note: Some trainings are designated for different organizational roles (supervisors, staff, etc.) or racial groups (mixed, Black, etc.); register for the ones that are appropriate for you.
    2. Select the date of the training. For your convenience, most trainings are offered on two different dates. Register for the date that works best for your schedule.
    3. Complete the rest of the form with your name, contact info, racial identity (this will be used to sort you into the appropriate race-based affinity group), organizational role,  and email preferences.
  3. Click “Submit form.”

Add Context

Here’s sample language (feel free to make the language your own):

Hello Agents of Social Change!

Our organization is committed to Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.  While these JEDI principles are extremely valuable to me, I am learning that dominant culture abounds in our organizational practices.  We are committed to making this organization a more equitable and comfortable place to work for all of us.  We have so many resources and assets among this team already, I am excited to learn from all of you.  And, to activate our success, I am investing in a capacity building package with Be the Change Consulting, leaders in our field in healing-centered culture change.  

If you purchased The Whole Series, you can add this text:

As part of this package, the leadership team and I will experience a four-part series to Transform our Organizational Practices.  Simultaneously, managers will receive training on Culturally Responsive Supervision, to better amplify our teams.  And all staff will have the opportunity to register for ten additional workshops to explore Racial Identity, Learn Equity-Centered Facilitation and Deepen Your Professional Skills.   We know this work to invest in ourselves while also doing the work of our organization will represent an emotional and physical lift, so, in addition, you can register for bi-weekly wellness sessions.  We acknowledge that all of us are at different places in our journey in this work.  Having the opportunity to attend trainings with people outside our organization will allow us to learn from others.  We will also have opportunities to learn in racial affinity-based groups at times as well, to ensure we practice our work in safe containers.  These sessions, led by seasoned specialists will help us widen our toolbox of resiliency tools and mindfulness practices so that we can stay rooted and connected in this journey.

I am hopeful that this investment will help all of us arrive poised to take 2021 by storm.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

In community,


How to Follow Up on these Trainings

There are many ways to do this - choose the one that’s right for you!

  1. Free Range ‘Em: Set up your staff’s membership and set them free.
  2. Share Backs: Have staff reflect on their learnings post-session, and use these in your check-ins and staff meetings to encourage participants to share their learnings.
  3. Teach Backs: Invite staff to sign up to share 3-4 strategies they learned in a particular session and how they plan to use them in their own work.  If they know they will have to share what they learned with others, it will change how they show up in the session itself.
  4. Tag Team: Choose a training or two to attend as a whole team and schedule your own follow up meeting to debrief the facilitation, the learning, and what can be applied.