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Developing an Antiracist Implementation Plan

October 9, 2020, Time To Be Decided with Teams
Sangita Kumar, Russell Jones, Ricardo Perez, Allison Kenny, Aminta Steinbach

This is a bonus session!

Work with a BTCC consultant to complete the follow-up action items from the 9/11 session. In this facilitated session, your coach will take your leadership team through a process to:

  • Sharpen your 2021 Strategic Priorities
  • Define the functions and duties of an Antiracist Leadership Team member.
  • Establish a courageous protocol to assess leadership team members in the coming months.
  • Develop a Strategy to Diversify membership on the leadership team as needed.
  • Develop 3 Questions/Areas of Feedback You would like to solicit from the larger cohort.

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